Reporting of cancellations or closures due to inclement weather

Winter is now upon us. Please note that should it become necessary to cancel school bus transportation or close schools due to inclement weather, the Communications Department and Toronto Student Transportation Group will endeavour to provide updates through the following vehicles:

- News releases to radio and television outlets in Toronto (Note: although the news release is provided to the media outlets, there is no guarantee that all television and radio stations will broadcast the information in a timely fashion.)

- Notification to E-News subscribers (Note: If you do not already subscribe to E-News, but wish to do so, please visit our website at www.tcdsb.org and click on the E-News icon on the top right hand side of the homepage)

- Updates will be posted on the Board’s 24-hour telephone information line, 416-222-8282, extension 2873.

- The information will also be posted on the homepage of the Board’s website at www.tcdsb.org as well as the Toronto Student Transportation Group website at http://www.schoolbus.to/c_home.asp

- Twitter Updates—Look for the Twitter icon on the board’s website to sign up.

Information about inclement weather protocol and related health and safety issues can be found on the board’s website at http://www.tcdsb.org/Weather.htm.