Geography Links

Geographic Links for the Grade 9 Final Report.

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A teacher directed site with links for Geographic sources

AgriWeb Canada
A web site created by Agriculture Canada. It is a good source for agriculture information in Canada.

Ontario Ministry for Agriculture and Food
A web site created by the Ontario Ministry of Agruculture and Food.
It is a good source for agriculture information in Ontario including Statistics.

A Educational Site for Teachers and Students with Geographic links

Canadian Mineral Yearbook
This is a site for Stastisics and historical information on Mineral Production in Canada.

National Geographic
Geographic Magazine available online

Canadian Geographic
The Magazine available online

Canadian Geographic Atlas
Online Atlas of Canada

Environment Canda'a Ecozones Page
This page gives information that the Grade nine's need for their Ecozone project.

Environment Canada's Endangered Species Web Site
This page gives a search engine for the endangered species for Canada.

Environment Canada's Species at risk Web Site
This site also a search of Species at risk in Canada

Environment Canada's State of the Environment 1996 Report
This is the online version of Canada's State of the Environment for 1996

Environment Canada's State of the Environment Infobase Web Site
Here is the website to check out any information that you need on Canada's Environment

CIA World Fact Book
This site offers maps and geographic, population, governmental, economic, communications, transportation, and military data for every country

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
This is a tremendous site for photos of cultures and data on topics related to agriculture, nutrition, fisheries, forestry, and food quality.

Biomes of the World
World map showing biome regions. The map key links to definitions and photos of biomes.

Rainforest Action Network: Kids'Corner
This site offers a great deal of information and photos about rainforests, the native people and animals that inhabit them, and efforts being made to preserve these regions.

Rainforest Database
This site provides information about the ecology and people of the rainforest. It includes a searchable database that is fairly extensive.

Earthquake Information
Data on the most recent quakes and maps to pinpoint their locations.

USGS National Earthquake Information Center
Earthquake Central, with a database and good general information.

Geology: Plate Tectonics
Animation of land movement over the past 750 million years as a result of plate shifting.

Clean Energy
A portal for clean energy information.

Energy Story
On-line book about energy sources-including the ocean.

Nuclear Energy
This US Nuclear Regulatory Commission site provides information about nuclear reactors and energy planning.

America's Roof
Names and locates the highest point in each state.

Mountains around the World
Includes a continent-by-continent photo gallery of mountains around the world.

Corals and Coral Reefs
SeaWorld has created an informative site, offering maps and diagrams to explain the creation of reefs and the reef ecosystem.

Dive and Discover
This site created by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute includes virtual sea expeditions from around the world.

Tsunami: WWW Information Resource
Great source of information and data, includes animation.

River Systems of the World
Tabular data on major river systems.

Calendars Through the Ages
This site includes calendars throughout history and from around the world.

Leap Years and Our Calendar
History and explanation of leap years.

A Walk through Time
Describes the evolution of time measurement over the last 5,000 years.

This site shows a globe with the current night/day sides of the earth delineated. The globe can be rotated to see any part of the world. There is also information on local times as well as sunrise and sunset times for hundreds of cities.

Michigan Technological University's Volcanoes Page
Historic and current information on active volcanoes around the world. Many photos.

Volcano World
This site contains a fantastic and extensive collection of photos, maps identifying the locations of volcanoes, FAQs, and a volcano search engine.

World Climate
Type in any location around the world on this site and find out what its climate is like.

Cloud Boutique
This site features explanation and pictures of different cloud forms.

EPA Global Warming Site
Information on what global warming is, its potential impact, and what can be done about it; also includes diagrams, graphs, and maps.

History of Climate Change
Descriptions of ice ages and what caused them, illustrated with line graphs.

National Weather Service
Current international weather warnings, observations, and forecasts.

The Weather Channel
National and international weather forecasts. Radar and satellite displays available.

Join an expedition to Antarctica to study the environment and learn how it affects all of the Earth's systems.